Missing equipment and unrelenting rainfall in northern Thailand have forced a short interlude in my reflections, optical and otherwise.

I had in mind to document one photograph each day as a kind of focusing exercise to better pay attention to the unfolding of my travels and the passing of experiences. Unintentionally, however, this space is returning to what it always has been – a halting, disconnected stream of half-articulated reachings for some clarity within the haze.

Maybe this isn’t something to apologize for. For a time I believed we struggle, in the end, for a zero point of pure consciousness, where the infinite minutiae of our condition become visible in one ecstatic vision. A patient, smiling thought suggests instead that within the rhythms of daily ritual and the larger movements of  joining and separation, there is a cycle of renewal – a wakening and reawakening – that offers its own wisdom, its own unique and unending delight.

The antinomies of human desire, the many faces and facets of mood, the fluctuating mirror of the artistic drive and the abyssal freedom it both reveals and conceals… perhaps there is room for them all. The desperate search for unity, for a totality that can never be fully reached, may be as misguided at is it is naive. The whole endures, without our efforts. We seek not the culmination of a project, but the understanding to know when the time has arrived for opening, for closing, and, maybe most importantly, for rest.

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